This Is A Book (Also Useful As Toilet Paper, Fire Wood, Or, If You Really Sling It, A Weapon)

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A collection of scathing satire, lowbrow humor, questionable skits, and conversations with doughnuts. Printed with black ink on industrial strength single ply. It’s fire. Well, it can be if you apply a match.

You can support the written arts by purchasing actual books. Even if you don’t read, books look impressive on your entertainment stands, Ikea shelves, or just thrown onto your futon loveseats. Impress a future lover with the presence of a book. Or, at least, let it linger in the background of your Instagram posts. Your followers will quizzically ponder on the nature of this lost artifact. Which makes you interesting, I think.

If you need some samples, here are five for you to consider:

Posts From The Hallmark Channel’s Comment Department

Food, Clothes, And A Better Neighbor

Severely Bowlegged

Dear Abby’s Nihilistic Sister #1

Playing Charades At A Train Station For The Dead

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Thank You!

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