Burphole #2!

(Go here! Purchase a book, please. Thank you so much!)

So, a few epiphanies:

I don’t like Medium. BUT, here are eighty-four shocking ways you can delete your account. (Kidding, of course.) No more Medium. So long, buddy.

I realized I had enough material for a second mini book. (About 16,000 words.) And that’s what is happening. I must say: how extremely freeing. Random thoughts spread out in way too many places. Medium, here on Burphole.com, on my computer in multiple locations… (Note to self. Organize your shit, dude. How many files do you fuckin’ need?) Sorry…

Lastly, my relationship with the internet is caustic at best. It’s like an ex-spouse that I have a kid with. What a beautiful creation we have made together, but could you please fuck off now? It’s fine. As the world becomes more automated, I keep repeating, “You can’t download me.” So, I will make nice with the internet, but I’d rather look into your eyes. Which means: more touring. Which also means: more drinking in strange bars in strange places. I hope to one day buy you a beverage. If you wish to reciprocate, thank you very much.

ANYWAY, Burphole #2


I hope you enjoy. With each passing essay, op-ed, nihilistic dump, I’m getting pretty good at it. What the hell am I saying? I just spent a month on Medium. Compared to those needy bitches, I’m fuckin’ killing it…

I will link here. When a link is available. Cheers.

Clicking on this cover will take you to Amazon for products related to me. I’m a brand now, I guess. I’ll keep you dry and pleasantly pungent…


Aaron “You-Can’t-Download-Me” Atadero

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