A Simple Rant

I just had a small debate on equality and competition with a hippy outside of a coffee shop. Here are a few thoughts:

1. Equality for basic human rights? Fuck yes! The free will to live your life however you wish to live it is something I will punch your face for. For everything else? Absolutely not.”Thanks for participating, Spin Doctors. It’s the same trophy Prince has.” #everythingcomparestoyou

2. Dear hippies: Love is a drug like addiction. Are you going to cry in the fetal position when I walk away? Then shut up. #patchoulliisgross

3. I’m not shouting you down, I’m posting your ass up. I’ve been doing my thought cardio. My brain strength training is off the hook. Yo, pass me the rock. I’m about to posterize your whack ass. #doyouevenliftbro

4. Everyone is trying to politely be heard. I need to invent an app where I can shove my mind right up people’s asses. #thoughtcolonic

5. I should probably go home and read some Stephenie Meyer. I would say the Twilight series is equivalent to any Fear & Loathing book. Sorry Hunter S. Thompson, but there is absolutely no discernible difference. #whyevenbother

OK. I’m done. Thanks for listening…

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