This Expression Is Exhausting

The debut collection of Burphole. Available everywhere albums are streamed and sold.

iTunes link.

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The album in its entirety for free via Soundcloud and your favorite podcast provider.

  1. Welcome To The Shit Show
  2. So, No Finger?
  3. Emotionally Diabetic
  4. Uncle Diane
  5. Going Viral With Fluffy The Cat
  6. It Had A Hole In It
  7. It’s Always Funny When Someone Gets Hurt
  8. Humor Is Upsetting
  9. Keep The Status Quo
  10. The Most Atheistic Man In The World
  11. An Intermission For Birdwatching
  12. What Else Do You Kick With?
  13. Going Viral With Bob The Dog
  14. A Starving Flamingo
  15. What’s Puberty?
  16. The Narcissistic Tale of the Sexually Promiscuous Peter Parker
  17. Sober Sex Is Gross
  18. Nothing Really Matters
  19. On Writing (I Kind Of Hate You)
  20. An Eloquent Vagina
  21. Saying Goodbye To 2016

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